Happy 4th of July, and WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Posted by Kevin Dickerson on

It's midnight on the 4th of July, and the fireworks are still popping in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.

I'm very pleased to offer RecordingTheMasters (RTM) products to the Bay Area. Analog Supply is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

If you're reading this in July, I probably know you personally. Please subscribe to the newsletters—It will be the same as getting an email from me directly except I won't forget Adam.

First, however, we need to place initial orders. I created this business, and I run it. I need your help to make sure it's successful. If you see any RecordingTheMasters product in their catalog, I can sell it to you. Remember: My mission is to be a better option than any other store out there for supplying the highest quality, professional-grade analog tape and accessories, period. So if Analog Supply doesn't have what you need, I'd like you to let me know so I can get it.

Contact me any time using the form on this page.

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