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sm900 reels in three widths
¼” • ½” • 2”

This tape is for you. Analog Supply was started to become an access point to supplying studios and musicians in San Francisco. If you're reading this it's likely that I know you personally. Thank you for supporting this business, which was born out of necessity. Recording The Masters (RTM) has had periods of time with limited supply—we want Analog Supply to fill the gaps. 

We want you to know when we have reels in stock, because the other online stores don't tell you and it's annoying.

* * *

Open for Business—What's Next?

We're stocked with our first shipment of sm900 reels from RecordingTheMasters.

We'd love to hear about other products that you need for your workflow.

  • Analog Supply will keep tape stock handy for our community.
  • Analog Supply is bringing in some amazing products specifically for professional audio engineering.
  • Place orders online, or just email me for "offline" sales.


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