ATR MDS-36 Long-Playing Magnetic Tape - 1/4" width, 3600 feet for 10.5" reels


Reel Type

MDS-36 tape is an excellent choice for long play recordings due to its advanced magnetic tape formula, high-precision backcoating, and low oxide shedding rate. These features make it possible to achieve high-quality recordings with minimal noise and distortion over extended periods.

With a total length of 3600 feet and a format suitable for 10.5" reels or pancakes, MDS-36 provides ample recording time for long play playback, or longer recording sessions, such as live concerts, rehearsals, and other extended recording sessions. This reduces the need for frequent tape changes, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted recording experience.

The low friction surface of the MDS-36 tape also ensures reliable tape transport, which is essential for long play recordings. It helps to reduce the risk of tape stretching or becoming stuck, which can result in dropouts and other recording errors. This ensures that the recording process is smooth and reliable, even during extended recording sessions.

Overall, the MDS-36 tape is an excellent choice for long play recordings due to its exceptional quality, reliability, and longevity. Its advanced features and long recording time make it an essential tool for professional recording engineers, musicians, and archivists who require high-quality recordings over extended periods.

Product specifications

  • 1/4" Width
  • 3600 Feet Length
  • 10.5" Diameter Metal Reel or Pancake Reel
  • NAB Hub
  • Cardboard pancake reel or TapeCare™ Box
  • ATR Product codes: MDS40907, MDS40907P
  • Made in York, Pennsylvania
  • ATR Magnetics MDS-36 Data Sheet