We often receive questions from customers looking for tape regarding lead time, shipping time, and asking about what kinds of tape to use for different machines.

We've compiled a list of helpful information.

How many kinds of tape are there?

There are a large variety of product specifications available to magnetic tape customers. Variables include manufacturer, tape formulation, tape width, reel diameter (also measured as tape length), reel material, reel color, and packaging material (hinged box, TapeCare durable case, "pancakes" which come in eco-friendly cardboard packaging).

Core RTM stock and RTM special orders

During the pandemic RTM has reduced its product portfolio to include 25 core products, with special orders. Core products are shipped and arrive within about two weeks to the Analog Supply fulfillment center in Northern California.

RTM used to manufacture tape to order. RTM now carries stock on hand in their US distribution center, which means shipping to Analog Supply in days instead of weeks.

Special orders from RTM take up to 5 weeks to manufacture and to arrive from France to the US distributor.

Special order RTM items include:

  • R34722
  • R34725
  • R34112
  • R34225
  • R38511
  • R34510

Core ATR stock

ATR has one major formulation and a smaller set of core product shapes. These tend to arrive in a few days to our fulfillment center—within five business days.

What are Analog Supply's core formulations?

Analog Supply in general tries to keep SM900, SM911, and ATR Master Tape in stock with 1/4", 1/2", and 2" x 10.5" metal reel formats.

What if I need something special?

We maintain close relationships with the manufacturers and also our customer base. We value relationships, because with trusted relationships, it's so much easier to plan ahead.

What about AGFA, BASF, EMTEC, SM486, etc?

Recording The Masters own the original formulas created by AGFA, BASF, EMTEC. They live on in the new core product lines: SM900, SM911, LPR90, and LPR35.

Recording The Masters has also made some changes to their product manufacturing to streamline shipping times and manufacturing times, removing SM468. We recommend replacing SM468 with SM900 or LPR90.

I have a tape machine, but I don't know what formulation to use, can you help?

Of course.

99% of the time, SM900, SM911, or ATR Master Tape is the right answer.

Email sales@analog.supply. Please include as many of these details as you know:

  • Your tape machine (brand, age)
  • Last calibration date / formulation
  • Tape width
  • Reel diameter
  • HUB type