ATR Master Tape - 1/2", 2500 feet for 10.5" reels


Reel Type

ATR 30907 and ATR 30907P are high-quality magnetic tapes designed for professional audio recording and playback applications. These tapes are manufactured using a special formula that delivers superior audio performance, featuring excellent signal-to-noise ratio, high output level, and low print-through.

Both tapes are built on a 3-mil polyester base film that provides a smooth and consistent surface for recording and playback of audio signals. The tapes are coated with a proprietary oxide formulation that ensures a uniform magnetic layer, allowing for clear and precise audio recordings.

The ATR 30907 and ATR 30907P tapes come in Pancake Reels, which do not have a standard hub size, allowing them to be used with a wide range of tape machines. These tapes can accommodate up to 2500 feet of tape, providing extended recording times, and reducing the need for frequent tape changes.

The ATR 30907 and ATR 30907P tapes are ideal for use in high-quality audio recording applications, including music production, film soundtracks, and archival recordings. These tapes provide superior audio performance and long-term storage stability, ensuring that your recordings sound as great in the future as they do today.

ATR Master Tape comes in either a metal reel (ATR 30907) or pancake (ATR 30907P) formats.

Product specifications

  • 1/2" Width
  • 2500 Feet Length
  • Reel types: 10.5" Diameter Metal Reel with NAB Hub or Pancake reel with Cardboard box
  • ATR Product codes: ATR30907, ATR30907P
  • Made in York, Pennsylvania