ATR MDS-36 Long-Playing Magnetic Tape - 1/4" Width, 7" Slotted Plastic Reel



Named after the late ATR Magnetics founder and industry leader Michael D. Spitz, MDS-36 is a high-quality magnetic recording tape produced by ATR Magnetics. This tape has a 1/4 inch width, and a total length of 1800 feet.

MDS-36 is a long-playing format based on the same advanced magnetic tape formula as ATR Magnetics' other products, offering excellent signal-to-noise ratio, high output level, and low print-through. This makes it an ideal choice for professional audio recording and archival applications.

MDS-36 features a high-precision backcoating and a smooth, low-friction surface for reliable tape transport and excellent performance. It also has a low oxide shedding rate, reducing head wear and extending the lifespan of both the tape and the tape machine.

The 7" reel MDS40907 is designed to work with a wide range of tape machines, including those with NAB, Trident, and other common hub sizes. Its excellent quality and reliability make it a popular choice for professionals in the audio recording industry.

Product features and specifications

  • Width: 1/4"
  • Length: 1800 ft
  • Reel: 7" Slotted plastic reel
  • Box: TapeCare or Cardboard Set-Up Box
  • ATR Product Codes: MDS409077, MDS 40907-7TCB
  • ATR MDS-36 Data Sheet