EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 - Enhanced Otherworldly Reverb Pedal



Enhanced otherworldly reverberator

The Afterneath sounds a lot like it looks – a wizard bursting forth from ethereal cave and ready for the ambient battle. You are the wizard – or sorceress, if you prefer – and the cave is your instrument’s signal, vast, expansive, and magical. Do you go inside? Roll a D20 to proceed!

Once inside, a reflection of light from an unknown source catches your eye, and you notice a bizarre sheen on the walls of the cave. You timidly inch closer to the walls of the cave. Placing your hand gently on the cavern wall, you feel the rock move. The cave is alive! Alarmed, you emit a loud gasp, which reverberates throughout the subterranean landscape. Upon further listening, it appears as though the reverberations of your voice are in fact a swarm of short digital delays which may be used to create wild and cavernous reverbs, or scattered, short, rhythmic delays with bizarre characteristics.

Product features and specifications

  • Type: Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator
  • Current Draw: 100 mA
  • Battery: NO
  • True Bypass: NO
  • Size: 4.75" x 2.50" x 2.25" Standard
  • Jacks: Top, EXP
  • Expression: YES - “Drag”
  • Max Delay Time: N/A
  • Trails: YES User-selectable
  • Tap Tempo: NO
  • Digital
  • Mono
  • Flexi-Switch Technology: YES


This device takes a standard 9 volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel. We always recommend pedal-specific, transformer-isolated wall-wart power supplies or multiple isolated-output supplies. Pedals will make extra noise if there is ripple or unclean power. Switching-type power supplies, daisy chains and non-pedal specific power supplies do not filter dirty power as well and let through unwanted noise. DO NOT RUN AT HIGHER VOLTAGES!